Nate – UK

“Another night out after a long week of working in a dark room, pushing things around and telling myself that ‘a monkey could do this job’ or that ‘I wasn’t good enough’. The stories. Damn, those self-deprecating stories….”
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#anxiety #getting-help

Chiedu – London, UK

“I never realised I had a phobia, or shall I say I stayed in denial about it for over 20 years. I had all the classic signs triggered in my body; clenched fists, racing beat and fast intense breathing. Still I hadn’t joined the dots up and put it down to “silly me getting worked up over nothing!”…”
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#anxiety #phobias

Anonymous – United States

“The most important lesson I’ve learned thus far about mental health: ask for help. I’ve struggled with grief, anxiety, and self worth throughout my life. I considered making an appointment with a therapist for years before amassing the courage to actually make the appointment…”
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#grief #anxiety #getting-help

Anonymous – London, UK

“I found being in lockdown really hard, like so many others. Before it started, my mental health had been great, probably the best it had been in years, and so part of me was surprised that I found lockdown as hard as I did. Being in London made me feel trapped and I struggled to stay calm. Most days I was unable to leave the house, and when I tried walking I often had panic attacks a few minutes in. My mouth would go dry, my heart would race, I would get pins and needles in my hands, I’d feel really dizzy and like someone was standing on my chest…”
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#anxiety #lockdown