Julie – Kent, UK

“Coming back to work after 2 weeks of bereavement leave is tough at the best of times. I made all the right self-care choices (with a nudge from my counsellor) to not personally deliver training and coaching for 6 months, and to allow my business to grow organically rather than drive it forward. All good advice I know, because as a resilience coach I am always telling clients not to drive forward and try to build something on shaky foundations…”
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Priya – London, UK

“I have struggled with my weight since I was little, always yo-yoing from skinny to overweight. I was always trying some new diet and getting angry with myself for not being able to stick to it. I always ended up where I started. I really struggle with binge eating, and it gets a lot worse when I try and restrict myself on diets. It definitely makes my depression worse as well. But when I look in the mirror and hate what I see it’s hard not to turn to dieting. It’s always the same… starve myself, binge, feel guilty, repeat…”
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Deanne – United States

“My first real bout with depression occurred in 1998 after my father passed away.  He died the day after my birthday, right as I was about to finish school and then head off to university in the autumn.  His death, along with the life changes that were taking place, left me in a very dark place for probably a year.  I muddled through, largely on my own, as it was not something that was really discussed in my family, nor in my circle of friends…”
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