Getting help

Jess – London, UK

“It’s only been in the last couple of years that I have noticed the pattern of my mental health is perhaps different than those around me. For example, majority of my days are very high days but they also come with a few very low days. I’m not sure that there is a middle ground really…”
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Julie – Kent, UK

“Coming back to work after 2 weeks of bereavement leave is tough at the best of times. I made all the right self-care choices (with a nudge from my counsellor) to not personally deliver training and coaching for 6 months, and to allow my business to grow organically rather than drive it forward. All good advice I know, because as a resilience coach I am always telling clients not to drive forward and try to build something on shaky foundations…”
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Nate – UK

“Another night out after a long week of working in a dark room, pushing things around and telling myself that ‘a monkey could do this job’ or that ‘I wasn’t good enough’. The stories. Damn, those self-deprecating stories….”
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Anonymous – United States

“The most important lesson I’ve learned thus far about mental health: ask for help. I’ve struggled with grief, anxiety, and self worth throughout my life. I considered making an appointment with a therapist for years before amassing the courage to actually make the appointment…”
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#grief #anxiety #getting-help