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The most important lesson I’ve learned thus far about mental health: ask for help. I’ve struggled with grief, anxiety, and self worth throughout my life. I considered making an appointment with a therapist for years before amassing the courage to actually make the appointment. During my first appointment, something odd happened unfortunately. I simply gave a “good interview” and tried to impress the therapist with “how well” I handle trauma. After much reflection, I now understand that I should have spoken honestly and asked for help from the doctor — advocated for myself. The therapist could not read my mind, of course. I was charged USD $100.00 extra for the appointment because I did not appear “sick enough” to qualify for a free mental health therapy appointment (I live in the USA). I want the world to know that it’s not selfish to advocate for yourself, it’s brave. The advice I would give to others is to own your story and speak honestly with your doctors. I hope everyone has the opportunity to gain the understanding, through projects like All In Our Head, that they are not alone in their mental health journeys. If anyone needs a sign that they are truly ENOUGH — this is it!