An exciting new project

I’ve been waiting for the right time to start a new project. It’s a project that I hope will really help achieve what I primarily set out to do with this blog, which is to combat stigma against mental illness.

2020 has yielded one disaster after another in quick succession and I have continued to ask myself whether it’s the right time to be raising awareness about mental illness when there is so much else going on.

Then, someone shared this picture with me and I realised that now is probably a better time than ever to try and make mental illness visible, and to drum up as much awareness as possible. To have the courage to share our stories. Because more people than ever are struggling and COVID-19 depressingly doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

So – I am hoping to make good use of this little space I occupy online to share our mental health stories. My hope is that we can show not only how many of us have experienced mental illness in some way (ourselves or as carers), but also how our individual stories and experiences can differ as well. Ideally this project can contribute to normalising mental illness and help fight the stigma that still remains.

We have much to gain from standing together and I can’t wait to share this project with you.

If you are willing take part in this project and share your story, I would love to have you. Please contact me here.

Happy World Mental Health Day

It’s technically not World Mental Health Day anymore but I’m still awake so I’m counting it.

My boyfriend and a couple of close friends wished me happy World Mental Health Day today. At the time I thought it was sweet but as I reflect on the day I realise it was not just sweet but incredibly meaningful.

My mental health – historically fragile and the cause of much distress to myself and others – currently finds me healthy -ish and well -ish. Not always happy but doing my best. Not the most optimistic or immune from panic but functioning.

I feel like a large blob of inadequacy most of the time but the reality is that everything is ok. More than ok… good. Great? Commemorative days like “today” are a reminder that I’m still alive to feel every bit the large blob of inadequacy. And joy, and love, and wonder, and overwhelm. All of it. I’ve come close to losing everything to mental illness more times than I care to count, and today I’m glad to just be.